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Personal Statement

Do you need a hand with your personal statement? The great news is that MedicHut. has expert personal tutors that can help you every step of the way - whether you're just starting off, or stuck somewhere in the middle, or just want a bit of time to discuss your finished product. Our methods have proven successful for medical school applications all over the country, including Oxbridge. Wherever you're, applying, we're here to help!


Here are some scenarios to show what your tutor can help you with:

  • You're a GCSE student with a keen interest in medicine. You want to get a head start and would like to make a thorough plan of what you should do over the next couple of years to get ready. Your personal tutor will help you prepare the foundations of your personal statement. They will help you to secure good quality and quantity of work experience in clinical settings as well as discuss your personal extracurricular activities and how you can improve them for your medicine application. At this stage, you will not start writing your personal statement, but it's the perfect time to speak to an expert and ensure you're highly-prepared.

  • You're an AS student ready to write your personal statement. Your deadline is approaching but you have limited work experience, have never volunteered, don't do any extracurricular activities, and you're panicking! Your personal tutor will help you draw out your previous, seemingly mediocre experiences and form excellent content for your personal statement. You will also be given very practical tips on what you can do to get some quick experience that will be very beneficial for your personal statement. Further, your tutor will help you form your personal statement from start to finish and conduct edits and checks as required.

  • You have already started your personal statement and it seems to be going okay. You have a lot of ideas and need to narrow them down. You want someone to look over your list of experiences and help you decide which can form the best content for your personal statement.

  • Your personal statement seems to be going great but you want some real-time feedback on every aspect of it to ensure you're on the right track. Getting a personal tutor is great for this, as they can give you non-biased, critical, expert advice.


Sessions will take place via Skype. 


If you're unsure if a personal tutor will be right for you, request a callback or email us to discuss your requirements.