1-1 Mock interview

MedicHut. interview experts know all the ins and outs of interviews and exactly what interviewers are looking for. This is from years of experience analysing medical school interview questions and the best techniques to answer them, personal experiences being interviewers, lots of courses and books on communication skills and professionalism, and from being interviewed themselves!

Whatever kind of interviews you'll be having for your chosen medical schools, a one-to-one with an interview expert is always a good idea. Here are some key benefits:

Some example questions types that your interviewer may go through with you include:

  • Common questions

  • Essay questions

  • Personal statement questions

  • Roleplay questions

  • Situational judgement questions

  • Ethics questions

  • Uncommon questions 

  • GMC questions

  • Have your verbal and non-verbal communication skills assessed

  • Exercise your nerves by being interrogated by a stranger (fun!)

  • Gain practice answering a variety of questions on the spot

  • Receive detailed written and verbal feedback and practical suggestions for improvement

  • Receive a video recording of the session to look back at

  • As with all our services, join the MedicHut. family for continued support!

In light of the pandemic, interviews are currently only being held via Zoom. Please contact us via email to arrange your interview date.