With you every step of the way


Most prospective medical students have the aptitude to perform very well on written examinations, but when it comes to the interview process, it's very easy to succumb to the pressure. Preparation is key for every aspect of the medical school application process. After assessing your strengths and weaknesses, your personal tutor will help you to:

  • Practice and learn the key strategies for each type of station

  • Rehearse and perfect key skills

  • Gain useful background knowledge

  • Become confident in your interview techniques


With your personal tutor, you can cater your sessions exactly how you'd like them. Here's a scope of what your tutor can offer you:



Sessions that are too long can be hard to retain, and because your personal tutor will tailor sessions to your needs, you're able to book them for an hour at a time, whenever you need.


Different universities have different interview processes. Learn the specifics about how to answer questions for each type of interview you'll be having.


A great knowledge base builds a great foundation to answer unexpected questions. Learn everything about current hot topics, ethics, and situational judgement questions.

Skills & Practice

Become an expert at data interpretation, communication skills, displaying professionalism, roleplaying, and answering all common questions.

You can work with your tutor to devise a timetable or schedule for exactly how you'd like to practice for interviews. We recommend that you organise weekly sessions to gain a good understanding over time, but you are able to tailor it to your requirements. If you only need a 1-hour session with a tutor, you can book just that. Your tutor will help you to develop your weaknesses into strengths, and help your strengths to shine through in all of your interview stations.



You can also book in a mock interview with either your personal tutor or a different tutor. You will be given real practice stations as well as feedback on your answers and techniques. This can be arranged in-person depending on location and availability, or over Skype/Zoom.