Money should never be a barrier to getting into medical school. Alongside our free resources, sessions, and advice, we're currently working hard to offer as many bursaries as we can for our courses. We encourage anyone who would like to attend our courses, but is unable to due to financial hardships, to apply for a bursary. We do our absolute best to accommodate all bursary requests for the amount requested. 







If you're a student who could use financial support in paying for a course, we encourage you to fill out the application form below. Ideally, we'd like to see that you're working hard towards your goals, are predicted the grades needed, and have some sort of financial hardship preventing you from being able to pay for our course(s) in full. You can apply for a partial bursary (10-90%) to cover part of the cost, or a full bursary to cover the whole cost. We may ask for evidence of your financial situation. 

Applications are generally processed within 7 working days. You will be contacted via your preferred contact method.




The UK has a large BAME population, but only a small minority of medical students are from BAME backgrounds. There are various factors leading to this disparity, some of those being:

  1. Low-income backgrounds, thus less opportunities for higher education.

  2. Underfunded schools leading to reduced opportunities to meet the grade requirements and a lack of support with medical school applications

  3. First generation in family to apply for university, thus increased difficulties in the application process as compared to applicants with larger support groups.

  4. Lack of funding for courses and resources designed to help get into medical school.

  5. Reduced awareness of the medical school application process.

  6. Racism embedded in society and in the NHS in particular. This can discourage students from applying, and can also lead to lower acceptance rates of qualified individuals.

  7. Under-predicted grades, as evidenced in 2011 by the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. They found that only 39.1% of black applicants had accurate A-level predictions, compared to their white counterparts who had 53% accuracy.

For these reasons, we are now offering a full scholarship available to students from BAME backgrounds. We are currently able to offer this to three students in the 2020 applicants cycle, but hope to increase the number as we continue to grow. This scholarship will include:


  • A free place on one of our UCAT masterclasses

  • A free copy of our UCAT eBook

2. Personal Statement

  • A free personal statement planner

  • A free personal statement review

3. Interviews

  • A free place on one of our MMI masterclasses

  • A free copy of our MMI eBook

4. Ongoing support from our team

We hope that this will be a huge help to students who are dedicated and have excellent work ethic, but simply lack the resources and are disadvantaged due to various factors in their lives. Because the places are very limited, all students who are interested must go through an application process.


The deadline for students applying in the 2020 cycle is 21st June 2020. Successful applicants will be informed by 28th June 2020.

Note: For successful applicants that have already paid towards one of the services included in the scholarship, we will provide a full refund for those services.



BAME Scholarship

If you are an individual or company who would like to sponsor students for a BAME Scholarship, please get in contact with us. We would be more than happy to facilitate this in order to increase the number of students that are eligible for this scholarship.


If you are part of a school or company that would like to partner with us in allowing students to attend courses to help their medical school application, we will happily match every pound you put into a student's funds if requested. For example, if you're willing to sponsor a student for 50% of the cost of a product or service, we will provide the other 50% to allow the student to attend free of charge. You can choose the student(s) you sponsor, or leave it up to us and we will contact you regarding students that are in need of funds. We encourage all schools to get involved in helping their students who are applying to medical school to secure a place. Thus, we aim to offer an unlimited number of "matches" to what our sponsors can offer in regards to bursaries. This is provided there is enough availability of the products or services that are being funded.

Applying for the bursary was straightforward, just had to explain your situation and why you deserve the bursary. It was a great help!